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Illustrated Stories Guide Readers Toward

Practices That Enhance Well-Being

 Suzy Chase-Motzkin began the Our Life Skills series when she had broken her sacrum and tail bone after an ‘epic’ ski crash. She was lying on the couch diligently working on focusing, feeling, and imagery to heal, when she got a call from her son who was in college for undergraduate studies in neurology. He called to tell Suzy he was extremely stressed during exams and couldn’t fall asleep. He explained that by using the star meditation she and her husband practiced with him and his little sister as youngsters, he was able to calmly fall asleep. She knew her daughter had used the meditation and shared it with her friends, but never thought her adult scientist son would consider such a thing. When she suggested to him that she use her down-time to write a story about the meditation, he enthusiastically encouraged her to do so. He also suggested that, while she was at it, she should write about their self-healing experiences. After writing about a little boy and his effort to fall asleep, she realized that stories, based upon basic positive life skills, that were simple to read and that had illustrations for each page (that could be colored before it became the latest trend) would have a tremendous impact one’s the ability to cope and live a healthy and fulfilling life. The first four Perry stories, when read together, are like a primer for raising mindful, empathetic, and successful children. For the adult reader, the benefits are also quite stunning. Reading Perry’s stories, to and with a child, ensures stimulating communication that will support positive growth for all. When the principles in the Our Life Skills series are understood and brought into consciousness, mindfulness becomes a habit. Read and share the stories with one another and start implementing the practices. Soon, these practical and positive life skills are like ‘second nature’ for us and for the children we care for and love.

    Meditation and Imagery


    Self - Healing

    A how-to story about using visualization, thought, and attention to help heal the body. Perry Heals is #2 in the Our Life Skills series Suitable for ages 3 to 100 Reading Level - 3rd Grade
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    Awareness and Intuition

    A how-to story about recognizing intuitive signals. Discovering that every cell in our body carries a charge that resonates with our emotional vibration. Perry Sees is #3 in the Our Life Skills series Suitable for ages 3 to 100 Reading Level - 4th Grade
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    Positive Thinking

    A how-to story about recognizing habits of thought and talk. Changing negative to positive as a life-long practice for more desirable outcomes. Perry Thinks is #4 in the Our Life Skills series Suitable for ages 3 to 100 - Reading Level - 4th Grade
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    Guide to Mindful Living

    Each how-to story in this collection builds upon the other and maps out essential skills to enhance well-being and positive outcomes in life.The introductions, stories, and questions are intended to spark new habits of mind for the adult and teach children easy to remember practices for mindful and successful living. When read together, communication between child and adult is meaningful. All can learn how to use imagery and visualization for creative problem solving, manifesting desired outcomes, and enhanced self-healing. As one adopts a clearly targeted thought process, with the ability to re-frame negative thinking, self-esteem, intuition, mind and body awareness, and manifesting goals become easier and more satisfying.
    Included in this collection:

    Perry's Star

    Imagery and


    Perry Heals


    and Wellness

    Perry Sees


    and Intuition

    Perry Thinks



    Suitable for all ages - Reading Level - 2nd  to 4th Grade

    Introductions - 8th  Grade (Parent/Guardian/Adult)

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    Bullying and Tolerance



    We never really understand what others are going through when they lose a loved one. Whether it is "their time", or not, the woeful separation and following introspection is often difficult to navigate.

    Perry Copes is a story that will elicit greater understanding and help people cope with the "loss" of a loved one, or with their own transition.

    The only true certainty we have is that, at some point, we will all leave our physical bodies and we will all experience the passing of someone we love. In this story, we discover many ways to view death and open dialog with one another. Perry Copes is #6 in the Our Life Skills series

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