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As a parent, athlete, coach, artist, and energy healer, Suzy understands the need for helping both children and adults learn how to cope and positively direct the challenges they face. Suzy has studied energy work, imagery, neuropsychology, linguistics, motivational techniques, bio-mechanics, physiology, brain science, communication, injury rehabilitation, and performance enhancement for over forty years. Nearly thirty years she has acted as a curriculum writer and examiner for the Professional Ski Instructors of America, while training and certifying thousands from very diverse backgrounds. Suzy can easily relate to the variables of perception, communicating with each participant masterfully. She has also used her performance training by working with "at-risk" K-12 students; writing and performing original plays. Children were enriched by the experience of co-creation and Suzy was uplifted by their spirit. During those times, she came to realize the importance of guiding children toward better self-esteem and positive outcomes. Her compassion and genuine interest in helping others is evident and people are left with a sense of hope and excitement, as they discover a heightened awareness and easy-to-use modifications in thinking and self-talk. We gain an ability to move forward confidently in our lives and boost our well-being through an easy every-day practice of positivity. Using humor, metaphor and science, Suzy facilitates thoughtful, engaging, and inspirational seminars, workshops, and presentations; anchoring the essential skills necessary to live a vital life. People are drawn to her authentic joy. She leaves a lasting impression while leading all toward self-discovery.
  • Integrative Health Care Support

    Health care providers give so much of themselves and rarely get the support they need. Programs offer coping strategies and self-help methods to nurture the caregiver and help those for whom we all care.

     Gain energy healing, visualization, and communication practices that are easy to understand, remember and coach to patients and their families.


    Reduce stress and anxiety for either the caregiver or patient with 'therapeutic touch', body awareness activities, and focused thought.


    Enhance vitality for both the caregiver and their patients.


    Help yourself and affected families cope with transition.

    "Suzy is a dynamic person and such an incredible coach. Suzy has enthusiasm to connect with you as a trainee and she has the power to motivate, no matter what the challenge is. She is fantastic at working within large learning groups and still keep everyone participating. I would recommend Suzy as a solid, driven, and proven coach!" Brandon Pearce Senior Clinical Analyst: Hospital for Special Surgery "Suzy has an intuitive sense of how mind/body healing focuses on the interactions between the brain, mind, body, and behavior. She has a deep understanding o the powerful ways in which emotional, mental, social, spiritual, and behavioral factors can directly affect health. Her calm thoughtful demeanor creates a healing environment." Alexandra Perignone Nurse Practitioner
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  • Supplemental Teacher Training

    Teachers have great responsibility; working hard to nurture and positively influence those in their tutelage. Our Life Skills programs are centered around the needs of the group; always offering opportunities for personal growth and enjoyment.

    Better communication while enhancing rapport between students and teachers.


    Practical training for reducing stress and building cohesion within the classroom.


    Exploring potential and creative

    problem solving.


    Utilizing Multiple Intelligence Theory to embellish ownership of information.

    “Suzy is highly creative and a great communicator. She is intuitive, perceptive and sensitive to the needs of others. Her holistic approach to treatment comes from decades of working in a physically and mentally demanding industry.” Kathy Keyser Coordinator/Counselor, SUNY “What makes Suzy very successful at her job is that she is able to connect directly with individuals. She can teach a group of people and make a connection with each person. She has the unique talent of being able to teach to different learning styles simultaneously and inspire students towards success. ” Cherisse Young - Marketing Director at Adaptive Sports Foundation
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  • Personal Mind/Body Coaching

    People discovered Suzy's ability to seek out trouble spots and use her hands in healing from a very young age. What she discovered through the years, is that EVERYONE has the same potential. With guidance and good intention, anyone can use their, attention, thought, and hands to help themselves or others.

    Continue and enhance healing with your own hands and thought.


    Learn how to use healthy tissue images that are easily found on the Internet.


    Designing specific imagery and meditation practices to aid in self-healing issues.

    Example of pictures used in a visualization practice for Nerve Regeneration to Muscle Fibers
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  • Student Assemblies/Class Visits

     Sparking Elements of Mindfulness for Life-long Benefit

    Perry’s  Star Program - Grades K - 3

    • Encouraging imagination and inspiring visualization practice. Methods calm the mind and reduce stress and aid in creative problem solving.
    • Attention on how to picture things and how to calm the mind with breathing and imagery.
    • How making pictures in the mind helps with creatively solving problems.


    Perry Thinks Program - Grades 4 - 9

    • Eliciting positive thinking habits by enhancing awareness of the language us in talk to self and others.
    • Changing negative statements into positive ones can enhance successful outcomes.
    • Gaining an awareness of thinking habits, empowers students by giving them tools to modify outcomes and boosting self-esteem.


    Perry Heals Program - Grades 4 - 10

    • Understanding of the body systems and how to enhance attention to sensations boost the ability to keep the body healthy and speed up healing of injuries.
    • Imagery practice and research methods are introduced.


    Perry Sees  Program - Grades 1 - 3

    • Becoming aware of one’s emotions and what they are signaling about a situation help to keep one safe.
    • Bolstering intuition will help in making decisions that are beneficial, rather than detrimental.


    Perry's Friends Program - Grades K - 3

    • Recognizing,  accepting, and appreciating differences in others.
    • How to manage difficult situations between classmates and within groups.
    Below is a sample of classroom or assembly content. Each program is designed in accordance to the administrative wishes and all are interactive and engaging.
    “Suzy Chase-Motzkin, artfully focuses our attention on those behaviors that positively create healthy and productive living. Suzy’s Our Life Skills series reminds us that behaviors leading to effective personal leadership need to be encouraged through activities that spark new habits of mind. The Our Life Skills school programs do that and more. Suzy’s background in theater arts allows her to creatively structure interdisciplinary curriculum connections that encourage students to reflect on life’s challenges and create their own solutions. I have had the privilege of seeing authentic educational productions facilitated by Suzy that are student owned and masterfully performed. She and her work are invaluable resources as students build their global readiness skills. Suzy Chase-Motzkin and the Our Life Skills programs have my unqualified support!” Lisa Sambora - Educational Consultant Retired Director of Curriculum and Instruction North Rockland CSD
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  • Enriching the Work Environment

    Sharing activities that bring people together; improving workplace relations and increasing productivity.

    Interactive workshops exploring communication, motivation,  developing rapport.


    Practical training for reducing stress in the workplace and building awareness within the office environment.


    Exploring potential and creative

    problem solving.

    "Suzy is an extremely talented and articulate teacher who has passion and enthusiasm in her professional endeavors. She is dedicated to results centered coaching. She also possesses a great sense of humor and believes in fun centered education." Mike Murdock President/CEO, Earth Sense, Inc."Suzy is a very experienced coach. She provides creative ways to help you leverage your strengths. She also helps you look at areas for improvement. She provides feedback in a positive way and helps you focus on how to improve these areas. Overall Suzy is a very effective and professional coach. Suzy is a pleasure to work with and makes learning fun and exciting." John Viviani Senior Executive Director: Cisco"Suzy is technically competent, highly regarded professional. She is committed to the success of her students, clients and families. Her compassion and empathy are particularly effective at bringing out the best in people." Vivianne Arencibia VP, Global Head, Novartis
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  • Learning Through Performance

    Bringing people together for the shared experience of exploring alternative ways of thinking through improvisational skits.

    With a fun collaborative, participants easily absorb aspects of content and create meaningful connections between one another.

    This program inspires and supports creativity, mutual respect, and understanding. The experience draws individuals together with a shared goal while helping to bring awareness.

    "Sometimes a special person and special educational program comes along to enrich the curriculum and the lives of students. Suzy Chase-Motzkin did just that at Woodstock Elementary School during my tenure as principal. She is one of those creative educators who understand how to awaken the world of possibility and creativity in children. Her new project, developed around her story, Perry’s Friends, underscores the importance of character as the foundation of achieve ent and living a fully human life. I enthusiastically endorse and support her.” Dr. Ronne Marantz Educator/Administrator"Always the professional, Suzy takes the passions that people have deep in their soul and builds them into life-long experiences. As a Professional Ski Instructor and author, Suzy has combined her own passions and changed the lives of so many others. As a co-worker, I have trusted and respected the decisions she has made and will many times use her experience as a "sounding board" for my own life's journey." Chris Ericson Deputy Commissioner of Health
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  • Author Readings and Lectures

    Presentations can be about the process of writing the stories from conception to completion. Or, Suzy can read excerpts of one of her stories and follow with a program to elicit individual and group discoveries regarding the subject matter.


    Creative activities coupled with humor about her family’s true life experiences make Suzy’s impact memorable.


    Participants have the opportunity to buy a signed copy of her book, Perry’s Journey: a Child’s Gift to the World. Books are discounted 25% for participants and copies of her books will be donated to the hosting facility.

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  • Wellness Workshops

    Suzy guides participants in self-healing modalities and  demonstrates effective use of hands to ease discomfort and bring elevated healing to specific areas.

    One hour to half-day workshops develop an understanding of mind habits relative to healing and well-being.

    Full-day workshops offer practices of mind, self-talk, and body attention.

    Two-day workshops delve into meditation, using our hands, and rich imagery to modify ourselves or others.

    Five-day workshops deepen understanding and implementation of self-healing and integrative help for others.

    "Suzy has an intuitive sense of how mind/body healing focuses on the interactions between the brain, mind, body, and behavior. She has a deep understanding o the powerful ways in which emotional, mental, social, spiritual, and behavioral factors can directly affect health. Her calm thoughtful demeanor creates a healing environment." Alexandra Perignone Nurse Practitioner "Having had the opportunity to know Suzy, both personally and professionally, for almost 30 years, has been a privilege I am very lucky to have been blessed with. Suzy's inspiration and light shine so brightly; her amazingly positive energy will always radiate far beyond those she has touched, and will surely allow us to project her brilliance forward to all others through our inter-being with her." Bob Hostetter Field Applications Specialist at Ecolibrium Solar
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