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Suzy Chase-Motzkin

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My mother always said the reason why she rarely got sick was that she used mind over matter. ‘Shorty’ was a tall and stoic woman who rarely fussed over my brother or me when we would get our scrapes and bruises. Instead, she would matter-of-factly state we would heal up in no time. I knew little of self-healing until I really needed it. Suffering from a debilitating back problem for nearly eight years, I had gone to about thirty different practitioners. Massage therapists, physical therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, doctors, and any one else who was recommended. It had gotten so bad I finally made an appointment with a top orthopedic surgeon. In three months we were to discuss the suggested fusion of my vertebrae. I had to stop skiing, because I was unable to stand, sit, walk, or ski without excruciating pain. We booked a trip to see Dave’s parents in Florida during the February school break. I discovered the facility my chiropractor recommended was just around the corner from my in-laws. I miraculously got an appointment at the Upledger Institute thinking that, perhaps the modality of craniosacral therapy would bring relief to my aching back. Osteopath, William Stager, called me into the treatment room. With a very powerful loving and healing intention, he administered some very effective hands-on care. I was coached on how to focus my attention on the pain diminishing it. He suggested I ‘let go of what I was holding on to’, which was quite puzzling, as I was completely unaware of holding on to anything. Searching deeply into my psyche, I finally thought of something, which simultaneously and amazingly released the tension I was holding in my back. After weeks of misery, I spent that afternoon shopping at the mall with my children; pain free. Prior to that, all I would have been able to do is lie down. That experience was a springboard for me to delve into a practice of mind/body healing. Every day, I would spend quiet time in a recliner remembering the feeling I had during the doctor’s treatment. I focused on the cells in my vertebrae re-dividing and filling in the cracks of the degenerative edges. I imagined the bulging discs sucking up and in like they were wrapped tightly in a corset. Stretching my vertebrae upward, I let go of the tension I was holding in my backside. I used my own hands to scan my body for ‘hot spots’ and electromagnetically moved the blood while releasing miofacial blockages in my body. As the days went on, I was feeling better and better. Though I was feeling considerably better, I kept my appointment with the orthopedic surgeon. Because I was able to bend and twist without discomfort, the doctor ordered another MRI of my lower spine. My last had been taken four months prior. The surgeon explained that he wanted to see my progression. The lab was in the same building, so within a couple of hours, I was back in his examination room. When the doctor put my new MRI next to the old one, he scanned back and forth, from one to the other. It was almost cartoon-like watching his head snap from side to side. With surprise, he said, “Wait. Which one of these was taken first? There seems to be an improvement of the degeneration of your vertebrae and no bulging of the discs, as indicated in your prior MRI.” I was ecstatic that my imagery and focus had worked. That was over twenty years ago and my back has held up without chronic pain since. After breaking my sacrum and tail bone some years later in a ski crash, I was still able to quickly heal due to attention, use of my own hands, imagery practice, and some sessions with my extremely talented physical therapist, Nina Silverman. Her skillful hands have manipulated my body into balance after trauma on a few occasions. Aside from being a wonderful source of information on body mechanics and varying modalities, Nina also helped me to be more aware of my own daily habits of movement, which is key in chronic problems. I’ve continued to heal my own issues and have enjoyed coaching others to discover their own ability to speed up healing. As an active family participating in competitive sports, we certainly got our share of injuries. Whenever someone would meet with injury or illness, we consulted books to learn in detail how particular parts of the body work. We would then focus on healing with that information. With the Internet at our fingertips, we can easily find the information we need. Even if we were completely out of touch with books and technology, we can still quiet the mind and truly feel the workings of our body. We can still notice our habits; how we hold our body, how we move, how we think, how we breathe, and what we take in to our bodies. With that information, and our intuition, we can work together with health professionals to heal what ails us and maintain well-being.


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