About Awareness and Intuition

Suzy Chase-Motzkin

Have you noticed babies looking intently, and perhaps smiling, as they gaze past our eyes to the perimeter of our physical being? Or, do you notice children who are normally outgoing, but shy away from certain people? Depictions of religious leaders and icons, in many faiths, have shown a glow around the heads and bodies of these ‘enlightened beings’. Research continues in the scientific community to isolate and understand this energy. I have never been able to see auras as my daughter can, but I always felt energy/vibration and was often affected by it. Chelsey’s ability to be able to see the varying colors around people’s bodies intrigued me and I often asked her about what she saw around people throughout her childhood. Her vision to reality ratio seemed to be spot on, which made it easier for me to ‘let go’ when she was away from home. I had a strong sense her intuition would keep her safe. My husband, Dave, and I took our daughter to dinner when she was visiting home from college. Practical Dave, an engineer, surprised me when he leaned into Chelsey and confided, “This is great aura lighting, isn’t it?” After years of marriage, that was the first time I discovered he, too, could see the energy around people! That summer Chelsey and I attended a Cell Level Healing class, taught by Biophysicist, Dr. Joyce Hawkes. She had a near-death experience that propelled her to study indigenous healing practices and was sharing her knowledge by giving classes. In attendance were an interesting group of people. There were nurses, massage therapists, psychologists, people who were ill and needed healing, and some curious like us. We connected easily with a nurse, named Jane, who was sitting next to us. During one of the breaks, we started discussing the example healing session Dr. Hawkes presented on one of the members of our class. Chelsey shared she had seen a deep muddy brick color being drawn out of the chest of the man who had been suffering from a lung infection for over a year. Jane said she had witnessed something similar. I asked Chelsey if she could see what colors were around Jane, but Chelsey quickly changed the subject. When we were driving home, I asked her about why she switched topics. Chelsey explained she had not wanted to tell Jane she had seen a green bubble off the back of her neck. Surprising to Chelsey and me, was the following day’s healing demonstration. Dr. Hawkes shared that our new friend, Jane, had a fatty tumor on the back of her neck removed, but the doctor must have missed some cells and it had returned. As Chelsey watched Dr. Hawkes move her hands over Jane, she saw the “green bubble diminish”. As usual, I was dumbfounded by Chelsey’s ability to see. I also discovered something interesting when I was on a radio call-in show discussing my stories. I had expected people to call in and ask about self-healing. Instead, the majority of calls were about auras. Many people could see them, but never wanted others to know about it for fear of ridicule. I had heard the same story from a professional woman I was coaching. She confided that she had been able to see color around people since childhood. She tried to block it from happening and also avoided telling her husband, for fear he would think she was wacky. Every cell in our body carries an electromagnetic charge and the water in the cells feed that charge, like a battery. We radiate with that energy. Color varies depending upon the vibration of light. Emotions and physical imbalances tend to alter the vibration, thereby emitting certain colors. Biophysics researcher, Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, discovered that all living cells emit photons, which are particles of electromagnetic radiation; commonly referred to as ‘light’. Popp was quoted to say, “…man is essentially a being of light”. His ‘biophoton’ research utilized ultra sensitive cameras, which, under strict methodology, captured this light. In his studies, the light changed color and density when subjects were under stress. Whether we can see auras or not, we often get a sense, or inner knowing, about the intentions of the people with whom we interact. If we encourage our children, at a young age, to remain sensitive to what they feel about people and situations, their intuition will be better developed as they move through life.


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